What Is a Fade in Golf? An Explanation for Beginners

A fade is a type of golf shot that moves slightly from left to right (for right-handed players) in the air. It is one of the two most common types of ball flights, along with the draw. The fade is often used by golfers to navigate around obstacles or to avoid hitting the ball too … Read more

What Hand to Wear a Golf Glove On: A Quick Guide

A golf glove is an essential accessory for any golfer. It provides a better grip, comfort, and protection to the hand. However, many new golfers are often confused about which hand to wear the glove on. The answer to this question is straightforward, but it can vary depending on whether a golfer is left-handed or … Read more

What Does ‘E’ Mean in Golf? Understanding Golf Scoring

Golf is a game that requires precision and skill. In order to be successful, golfers must be familiar with the various terms and abbreviations used in the sport. One such abbreviation is “E,” which is often seen on golf scorecards. So, what does “E” mean in golf? Simply put, “E” stands for “even par.” This … Read more