How To Chip In Golf for Beginners?

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has been around since the 15th century and is enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels.

Chipping is an important skill in golf that requires precision and practice to perfect. Chipping is a type of shot that requires the ball to be launched high in the air and then land softly on the ground.

It is used to negotiate shorter distances between the ball and the hole. For golfers aiming to improve their overall game, mastering the art of chipping is essential. In this blog post, we will explore what chipping is, how to chip in golf, and offer tips to help improve your technique.

We’ll also discuss some common mistakes golfers make when chipping and how to avoid them. So, if you want to up your golf game, keep reading to discover how to chip in golf!

Understanding the fundamentals of the chipping motion

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Understanding the fundamentals of the chipping motion: Chipping is a short, lofted golf shot requiring the player to hit the ball with an upward motion. Chipping aims to get the ball into the air and land it softly on the ground, so it rolls closer to the hole than before.

Grip: When chipping, you must keep a strong and steady grip on the golf club. Use a slightly stronger grip than you would for regular full shots, which will help with accuracy.

Posture: Your posture is key when chipping, as it affects your swing plane and control over the shot. Make sure you are standing up tall and evenly balanced. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.

Aim and aim at the target: Before you start your chipping motion, aim correctly at the spot where you want the ball to land on the ground. It is important to keep your head still when aiming and focus on a point in the distance rather than directly on the ball.

Swing: Do not overswing or hit too hard when swinging your golf club. Instead, keep a steady and smooth tempo as you swing through the ball with a short backswing and follow-through.

Follow-Through: After you have made contact with the ball, keep your head down and follow through with the club. This will help you maintain control of the shot and ensure it lands closer to the target.

Tips for improving your chipping game:

  • Practice, practice, practice! Practicing as much as possible is the best way to get better at chipping. It may take time, but the more you practice, the better your chipping game will become.
  • Experiment with different club and aim combinations. Try to find out what combination works best for your swing and use it consistently when practicing.
  • Use a pre-shot routine before each chip shot to help get in the right mindset. Visualize the shot and focus on your target.
  • Concentrate on keeping a steady tempo when swinging the golf club. This will help with the accuracy and control of the ball flight.

Common mistakes to avoid when chipping:

  1. Hitting too hard or overswinging: It’s important not to hit the ball too hard when chipping, as this will make it difficult to control the ball’s flight. Many golfers must correct this mistake and hit the ball too far or overshoot the target.
  2. Not using enough loft: When chipping, you need to use a club with plenty of lofts to get the ball into the air quickly. If you don’t use enough loft, the ball won’t get high enough in the air and won’t land softly on the ground.
  3. Not keeping a steady head: Many golfers make the mistake of moving their head when hitting a chip shot. This will cause them to lose focus and control of the shot, resulting in an inaccurate shot. Focus on keeping your head still when chipping and keep your eyes focused on the ball until after you have made contact.

Chipping is an important part of any golfer’s game, and with practice and patience, it can be mastered. Remember to keep a strong grip, focus on aiming correctly, use plenty of lofts, and maintain a steady tempo when swinging. With time and practice, you will be chipping like a professional in no time!


What is the correct technique for chipping a golf ball?

Chipping a golf ball correctly involves using a short, low-lofted club to make a low, controlled shot, keeping your body directly behind the ball, and keeping your arms close to your body for control.

Start with the ball slightly back in your stance, your weight on your left foot (for right-handed golfers), and your hands slightly ahead of the ball.

Take a smooth, short swing, keeping your wrists firm and your arms close to your body. As your clubhead nears the ball, accelerate through the shot and follow through after contact.

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How can I improve my accuracy when chipping?

To improve your chipping accuracy, practice making short, crisp shots while focusing on making consistent, smooth swings with your arms and wrists.

Maintain your posture, keep your head still throughout the shot, and use a light grip on the club. Additionally, use the right club for the shot.

Ensure you use a wedge for shorter shots and a higher-lofted club for longer ones. Finally, align the ball, clubface, and target correctly at the address, and make sure your weight is shifted forward, as this will help you make more accurate shots.

What types of golf clubs should I use for chipping?

Generally, a wedge is the best type of golf club to use for chipping. Wedges are designed to give you more control and accuracy when chipping. Depending on the type of shot you are trying to hit, you may also consider using a variety of other golf clubs, such as a hybrid, a putter, or even an iron.

What is the best way to practice chipping?

The best way to practice chipping is to set up a station with various targets and distances. Start with a few short shots with a higher lofted club, such as a 9-iron or a pitching wedge, and gradually increase the distance and difficulty.

Focus on making a smooth, steady swing and try to land the ball close to the target. A good drill to practice is to place a few tees in the ground and chip to them or set up a small bucket as a target.

What are the most common mistakes when chipping a golf ball?

The most common mistakes when chipping a golf ball include using too much wrist action, not following through with the shot, using the wrong club for the shot, not using enough power, and not controlling the ball’s trajectory.

In conclusion, chipping in golf is a great way to improve your accuracy and lower your scores. With practice and patience, you can master this important skill and start hitting the ball closer to the pin. Remember to use the correct technique, take your time, and focus on your target. With the right approach, you’ll be chipping in with more regularity in no time

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