How To Hit A 8 Iron?

Are you looking to improve your golf game further but need help figuring out where to start? Learning how to hit an 8 iron can be a great place. Not only is it a versatile club that can help you in many situations, but mastering the technique required for this shot is an excellent way to increase your overall confidence on the course. Here we will explain why 8 irons are so popular and provide expert advice on how best to hit them with precision and accuracy.

What is 8 iron?

8 irons are one of the most versatile clubs in a golfer’s bag. An 8 iron has an average loft angle of 35-38 degrees, which gives it enough distance to hit short to medium-length shots while still providing plenty of accuracy and control.

It’s also an ideal club for hitting out of difficult lies or tricky terrain because the low launch angle reduces the risk of going too far off target.

What is 8 iron

Why Should I Use an 8 Iron?

Using an 8 iron can be beneficial in many different scenarios. From tight fairways to overhanging trees and bunkers, having one in your bag can help you navigate any course.

If you’re looking for more control on your shots, using an 8 iron will allow you to hit with greater accuracy and a lower launch angle, making the ball less likely to fly too far off target.

Additionally, since 8 irons are relatively short clubs, they can be useful when hitting from tight spaces or when there’s not enough room for a full swing.

Why do I struggle to hit a 8 iron?

Hitting an 8 iron is one of the more difficult golf shots. The loft on this club requires more precision and control, making it harder to hit accurately.

Also, since the ball’s trajectory is lower than with shorter clubs, you must be careful not to add too much power, or your shot may fly further than intended. Finally, if your swing tempo is off during an 8 iron shot, you may end up slicing or hooking the ball instead of hitting straight down the fairway.

Why do I struggle to hit a 8 iron

6 steps for How to hit 8 iron?

  1. Set Up: The first step is setting up the correct posture and stance for an 8 iron shot. You’ll want to position yourself so that your feet are approximately shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. Keep your back straight and bend at the hips slightly.
  2. Grip: Next, you’ll need to get your grip right. Place the club in the palm of your left hand (for a right-handed golfer) with a ‘V’ shape of your thumb and index finger just below the base of the handle. Make sure not to grip too tightly, as this will affect your accuracy during the swing
  3. Address Position: After getting a good grip, you should now move your feet into a comfortable address position. Adjust the ball so it’s slightly in front of the center of your stance, and aim the clubface down the intended target line.
  4. Backswing: Start by taking the club back slowly, keeping your arms close to your body as you do so. Make sure to keep your wrists nice and firm during this motion, as they will play an important role in controlling the power and accuracy of your shot.
  5. Downswing: Once you reach full extension on the backswing, initiate a smooth transition into the downswing by rotating through with your hips and core muscles. Keep your arms relatively loose but firm. Straighten them out just before contact with the ball.
  6. Follow Through: After contact with the ball, maintain a good follow-through by keeping your arms and body moving in one fluid motion. Allow the club to swing up towards the sky as you finish your swing, finishing with your body facing the target.

When To Hit A 8 Iron?

An 8 iron can be a great club when hitting tight fairways, over trees and bunkers, or from short distances. It’s also a good choice when you want to hit with more control and accuracy than a longer club would provide. As always, reading the situation and selecting the right club for the shot is important. Practice will help you get comfortable with how far each of your clubs goes so that you can decide which one will get you closest to the pin.

how to hit a 8 iron

Tips for hitting 8 iron:

  1. Ensure you have the right posture when standing over your shot, with feet shoulder-width apart and the ball in the middle of your stance.
  2. Keep arms straight throughout the backswing, and rotate hips and shoulders away from the target.
  3. On the downswing, shift weight onto the left foot while bringing the clubhead through an arc parallel to the ground as it approaches impact.
  4. Relax grip pressure on follow-through for better control over the ball’s trajectory and distance traveled.
  5. Practice using 8 irons in different situations to become comfortable with how far each one goes, allowing you to make informed decisions about which club is best for each shot.


Q: What is the loft angle of an 8 iron?

A: The average loft angle of an 8 iron is 35-38 degrees.

Q: When should I use an 8 iron?

A: An 8 iron can be useful in tight fairways, over trees and bunkers, or from short distances when looking for more control and accuracy than a longer club would provide.

Q: What tips should I follow to hit with an 8 iron?

A: Make sure you have the right posture when standing over your shot, keep your arms straight throughout the backswing and shift weight onto your left foot during the downswing. Also, relax grip pressure on follow-through for better control over the ball’s trajectory and distance traveled. Lastly, practice using 8 irons in different situations to become comfortable with how far each one goes.

Q: What is the difference between an 8 iron and a 6 iron?

A: An 8 iron has a higher loft angle (35-38 degrees) than a 6 iron (27-30 degrees), which means it will launch balls at a lower trajectory and fly shorter distances than a 6 iron. Additionally, an 8 iron will provide more control and accuracy than a 6 iron, making it useful for tight fairways or shots from short distances.

Q: Is an 8 iron good for beginners?

A: Yes, an 8 iron is a great club for beginners to learn how to play with. It provides more control and accuracy than longer clubs, making it ideal for getting used to the basics of golfing, such as stance, grip, and swing technique. With enough practice and experience, beginners can learn how far each club goes to make informed decisions on which to use in different situations.

Q: What is the best 8 iron for a beginner?

A: The best 8 iron for a beginner depends on their preferences, such as budget and playing style. Generally speaking, a forgiving 8 iron with an oversized head, lighter shafts, and a higher loft angle would be a great choice for beginners as they provide more control and accuracy while learning to play. It’s also important to ensure the club feels comfortable in your hands so you can develop proper swing techniques. Consider consulting an experienced golf professional when selecting the best club set for your needs.

Q: How can I practice using an 8 iron?

A: One of the best ways to practice with an 8 iron is by hitting balls on a driving range. This allows you to get used to the feel and motion of the club and see how far each shot goes. You can also challenge yourself by focusing on accuracy and aiming for different targets throughout your practice session. Lastly, practicing in different weather and terrain conditions will help you become more familiar with how your clubs behave in various scenarios.


Hitting an 8 iron properly is an important and useful skill when playing golf. Armed with the knowledge presented in detail above, you should be more confident that you can now hit 8 iron shots well on the course.

Learning this technique may take some practice, and there is often a lot to consider with any shot on the course. Still, learning this valuable approach is worth every bit of effort.

When practicing hitting your 8 iron shots, it helps to break down each element step by step to avoid overwhelming yourself with the details at a time. At Longleaf Golf, we hope you found our advice helpful and insightful, and we invite you to join us for more lessons and tips.

With our knowledge under your belt, you are sure to hit great shots that will help improve your score– no matter if you’re hit far or near Shots! Follow us and read more articles on our website for more great advice about golfing and a running guide for upcoming tournaments at

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